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How We Work

We provide resource for various types of assignment. Each is tailored to fit our customer’s needs and timescales, such as:

Consultancy where a client may need a concise status or due diligence exercise in business functions or projects, or perhaps mentoring and challenge of business senior management.

Interim management hands-on drive and control of projects and change programmes, whilst working with Operations Management and IT to ensure that day to day business is not disrupted.

Contract short term focused work to deliver specific results such as a Business Vision, Customer Requirements Specification, Testing Strategy and Training Needs Analysis.

We do not act as an Agency, nor do we provide Director or Shadow Director services.

XMA prime contracts for delivery of each assignment based on clear Terms of Reference.

XMA Team work. As part of the service to both our client and our team members, a senior member of our team is assigned to support each individual person working on each client’s site.

This provides an extra level of support and backup to the client, and ensures that the person delivering the service has someone independent to discuss ideas and issues, helping them focus on best possible approach and quality of deliverables.

Client confidentiality is restricted within our team.

Client Team work. Inevitably, whatever role we are fulfilling, we become part of our client’s team  which allows them all to quickly feel comfortable that we are working with, and not against, them.

We are Independent which means that we have no preset agreements to recommend or give special treatment to any particular supplier.

We do keep in touch with market leaders of systems solutions, but when it comes to commercial & legal negotiations or support issues, our client’s needs and protection always comes first.

Techniques and Tools

XMA has a pool of best practice methods and tools, which have been developed and collated from the many years of experience that we all have. This collateral is shared amongst our team members to the benefit of our clients.

We are always happy to use our customer’s own methods. However, we are often asked what we would recommend, and that is when our shared skills come in.

We have proven, thorough and lean processes and tools for, amongst other things:

  • Change programme reporting for Executives
  • Supplier and Product selection
  • Software licences, Services, Maintenance and Support, and Service Level contracts
  • Project Initiation, planning and control
  • Documentation standards and management
  • Audits, Business Analysis and Vision statements
  • Skills and Training needs analysis
  • Education and Training delivery
Business Services
  • Change Programme Management
  • Business Process Analysis and Re-Engineering
  • Interim Operational Management
  • Business Health Checks and Trouble-shooting
  • Due Diligence Checks
  • Operational Governance Mentoring
  • Profit Improvement Facilitation
  • Skills Analysis and Development Planning
  • Management Integration and Communications
  • Operational Change Readiness Management
Project Services
  • Programme Directorship and Governance
  • Project Management and Project Recovery
  • Scoping, Estimating and Planning
  • Cost Benefit Case Production
  • Audits and Quality Check-Points
  • Business Process Analysis and Re-Design
  • Change and Deployment Management
  • Risk Analysis and Crisis Recovery Planning
  • Methods Guidance and Toolkits
  • Team Mentoring
Functional Specialities
  • Business Strategy & Planning
  • Operations Forecasting and Planning
  • Supply Chain
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing
  • Materials and Stock Management
  • Warehousing, Logistics and Distribution
  • Sales Account Management
  • Customer Service and Call Centre CRM
  • Finance
  • IS and IT
  • Professional Services
  • Legal Services
  • Third party management
Systems Services
  • Requirements Definition
  • Supplier and Product Selection
  • Commercial and Contracts Negotiation
  • Licence Compliance and Novation
  • Development Audits
  • Acceptance Testing Management
  • Deployment Planning and Drive
  • User Training Design and Delivery
  • Outsource Facilitation
Systems Sectors
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Sales Force Management
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Planning (eg Forecasting, MRP, Production)
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Warehouse and Logistics Management
  • e-Commerce
  • Data Analysis and Cleansing
  • Document Management Systems